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Repowering boats that have stern drives - with outboard engines - is becoming a popular option these days, especially with the advances in outboard engine technology. We are excited to write this article as this opens up options you may be interested in.

Note: Having been in the marine industry for many decades, we prefer Yamaha Outboard engines as we find them to be the best overall of the choices available, so we are talking specifically about those engines here, however the general information is universal.

Outboard engines can be used to re-power just about any boat, from a small tender with a 4hp to a 35ft offshore boat with triple 350hp engines. This is an option some are choosing for various reasons, some of which are listed below.

So how is a boat with a stern drive re-powered with an outboard engine?

Once the stern drive has been removed the transom is filled in and a bracket is installed on the transom to support the outboard. With the engine box out of the way, a lot of extra space is opened up at the stern for fishing or for deck chairs and lounging or storage. Having the outboard mounted on a bracket also gives the boat better performance especially in rougher waters as the propeller stays in the water longer.

For the high performance buff, a jack plate can be installed between the outboard and the transom bracket. This option allows you to raise and lower the height of the outboard with the touch of a switch on the dash. Lifting the outboard out of the water lowers the drag of the gear housing going through the water which increases the speed of the boat. Note: If you are thinking of doing this yourself, always install a water pressure gauge so you can keep track of the water pressure and don’t raise the engine to the point that water flow is restricted as this causes the engine to overheat.

Smaller boats with outboard engines have a splash well built in to the mould to stop water from washing over the stern and getting into the boat. These boats can also be modified with a transom bracket creating a lot more room at the stern of the boat.

As an example for larger boats, for ease of manoeuvring and safety you can install two 150hp engines instead of a 300hp or you can install a 300hp and use a small auxiliary outboard such as a 9.9hp or a 15hp as a backup.

Using the higher horse power engine with an auxiliary engine is a very popular choice by fishermen who spend long hours trolling at low speed. The Yamaha high thrust 9.9hp is ideal for this application as it has a high reduction gear housing and larger diameter propeller. This combination creates a lot more thrust for a small engine. These engines perform well for this function and are quiet, trouble free and can run on very little fuel, thus saving your main engine for getting you to and from the fishing grounds, the job it was designed for.

Repowering sailboats, up to 32ft, with an outboard is also a good choice. This is another application for the high thrust 9.9hp Yamaha. This repower would also create extra internal storage space where the inboard engine had been and there will be no more propeller shaft and stuffing box to look after. This translates into a dry bilge and easier boat maintenance.

These are some of the primary considerations for repowering with an outboard. While there are many details to consider in your decision this option may well be worth exploring. Howe Sound Marine can help you make the best decision for a repower.

Repowering Your Boat - Part 1

Give us a call us today for more information at 604-921-7124. We’d be happy to talk with you.

~ Howe Sound Marine ~

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