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There are five different ways to deal with waste on recreational and small fishing vessels. We at Howe Sound Marine care about keeps our Coastal waters clean and have included tips for how we all can help, as well as a link to the Government regulations for dumping waste in the ocean, rivers and lakes.

  • The first type of waste management involves breaking up the sewage and disinfecting it with chemicals, it then discharges the treated waste overboard. Please be aware not all head chemicals are safe or environmentally friendly. Check the label before you buy.
  • The second type is more sophisticated and more expensive. It treats the waste to a greater degree by macerating and biological decomposition.
  • The third type has a holding tank that stores raw waste until you get to a pump-out station. There are holding tank chemicals available with enzymes that help control odours and digest waste. See our blog on pump-out locations.
  • The fourth type is a portable one, sometimes known as a "port-a-potty". They should only be emptied at a pump-out  station or a proper disposal site.
  • The fifth type directly pumps your waste overboard. You must be aware of local pollution prevention regulations which may prohibit the use of a toilet in restricted waters. Please, use common courtesy and do not discharge sewage while you are moored or in anchorages, swimming areas, and harbours.

How we all can help is easy. By following our tips below, you know you are participating in being a green boater.

  • What type of waste management you are using? Is it time to upgrade?
  • Always use marine grade sani-hose when installing the waste system. You will regret the cheaper choice!
  • If there are on-shore bathroom facilities available, use them!
  • Does your yacht club or marina have a holding tank pump-out service? Use it.
  • Unless you have a holding tank, do not use your on-board system while you are moored or in anchorages, swimming areas, and harbours.
  • Learn more about waste management.

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