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In today’s world people often assume boaters don’t care about the environment or are not “green”, which is truly untrue for most of us! Being a green boater is no different to being environmentally aware in all areas of our lives; we just have to educate ourselves about enjoying our passion without further damaging the waters in which we do it and by taking those steps to keep our oceans alive. The more educated we are the easier it is to practice earth-friendly boating.

There is much to be said on this topic and we'll address the technical end of the subject in another blog; today we offer a few suggestions for helping take care of our seas.

In today’s economic climate, it is reasonable to be resistant to change if we feel it will cost us more money, and cost is often the reason many of us don’t take steps to be more green. In fact, the opposite can be true in practicing “green boating” as there are many easy choices we can make to conserve and protect our natural resources which often save us money. Here are seven tips that go a long way towards helping the environment.

  • Bottom Clean Safely - Use legal bottom paints and biodegradable cleaning agents where possible. If you aren't sure of the product, ask your local retailer to assure it is safe to wash overboard.                                 
  • Prevent Fuel Spills - Ensure fuel does not discharge from the vent line as a result of overfilling. “Spit back” can be prevented by fueling at a slower rate, especially towards the end of fueling. This may take a few minutes longer but will save money and help the environment.
  • Maintain Equipment Properly - A well tuned engine uses less fuel, so keep your equipment well maintained. Check your propeller; if your boat is slow "out of the hole" or lacks top-end speed, your propeller may be the wrong size.
  • Maintain a Clean Bilge- Oils and debris in your bilge gets flushed overboard. Use a bilge pad made from eco friendly materials to soak up the debris and dispose of it properly. These are available at most chandleries.
  • Chart Your Course - Plan your trip in advance to avoid confusion and misdirection; this helps avoid consuming excess fuel.
  • Recycle Your Waste - Dispose of paints, batteries, antifreeze, oil, cleaning products and other hazardous wastes at a waste collection facility when you return to land.
  • Stow Your Trash - Keep your trash onboard. Do not throw cigarette butts, fishing lines, beer cans and other garbage into the ocean. Most marinas have facilities to recycle plastic, glass, metal and paper. Let's use them.

These are a few simple ideas that can be put to use immediately; see our other blog How to Clean your Boat the Green Way for more ideas.        

For further in-depth information here is a link with great articles.

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