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In the Pacific Northwest the dampness of the winter season impacts everything on a boat. In our opinion, taking a few steps to protect the interior of your boat is almost as important as the mechanical end of it. For instance, preventing mold and mildew is critical for your own health and well being.

Here is a list of the more important preventions for your consideration:

  • Wash the exterior of the boat to remove excess salt.
  • Fill the fuel tank to avoid condensation - only if using marine grade fuel.
  • If you’re using street gas with ethanol, leave tank as empty as possible.
  • Always remember to add fuel stabilizer to any fuel.
  • Take electronics home for storage.
  • Remove everything that will mildew, i.e. life jackets, towels, cushions, etc.
  • Clean upholstery to prevent mildew; try to minimize using harsh cleaners – a good wipe with vinegar & water mix works well. Remember to have adequate ventilation and wear gloves while cleaning.
  • Open lockers & cupboards to ensure adequate air-flow.
  • Remove all food (food attracts rodents, racoons, otters, etc.), and don’t forget water bottles and other items that can freeze - do you know that dish detergent can freeze if it’s cold enough?
  • Ensure that access to the cabin is closed against pests.
  • Clean metal surfaces, i.e. deck hardware and rails, and coat with wax or corrosion spray.
  • Use air dryers, or a low wattage heater with built in fan, to prevent moisture build up in the cabin. 
  • Place an air dryer in the engine compartment.
  • If you are using a winter cover over the boat, leave openings for air circulation.
  • Check your boat periodically during the winter to ensure all is well (every year some boats get substantial damage because rats or otters get in and make a mess. You don't want that!).

If you do nothing else, install air dryers or a low wattage heater and make sure there is adequate air-flow.

These simple preventative measures will make a difference to the general maintenance and condition of your boat and spring start up will be that much easier. So take an afternoon and give your boat some love. You’ll see the difference in the spring.

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