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There is no end of have-to-do’s, want-to-do’s, need-to-do’s on a boat; it seems every year we say “we’ve got to get this or that done by next spring”, then we put the boat away for the winter - without a plan - and forget about it and when the next spring rolls around we can’t remember exactly what the to-do’s were.

Last year, we kept a notebook on board through the boating season and recorded the changes we wanted as we came across this or that to upgrade or repair or change.  We prioritized the list and started work in December. It really helped to have that list as nothing was forgotten; we got all the have-to-do’s done, some of the need-to-do’s done and now we’re getting one want-to-do in time for the next long weekend.  We put in an anchor winch, which makes anchoring in the rain or dark so much easier, and did a couple of updates such as a new rub rail and paint.  Now, we’re finally getting window coverings made for some much needed privacy; no more hanging towels over strung bungee cords! 

We've made great strides in getting the boat where we want it and the list doesn’t really seem to end apparently as there’s a lot more to do; but at least we could stay out longer this year than last year, and next year we’ll be even more comfortable as we continue to check off those boxes.

So, what does your boat need?  How about paying attention and making your own list through the boating season?  Here are some ideas for your consideration:  How about an anchor winch?  This will make a big difference to your boating experience.  Do you need additional batteries so when you’re gunk holing you can stay out longer?  What about a sea-water wash-down pump?  These are great for cleaning your catch or washing down your boat, or having a shower on a hot day, and even spraying those pesky kids!   Is your canvas in good shape?  Would it be nice to have a canopy for shade while lounging?  Are your electronics working properly?  Is there any deferred maintenance that really should be done?  Do you need to upgrade to a new fuel efficient engine?  What about a kicker motor for safety reasons? The list could get quite long, but you get the idea.  Every boat is unique and is used differently, so your needs are very personal.

Consider making that list and checking it twice (then decide if you’re naughty or nice; you never know!)  Make the plan, and a budget, and start checking down those boxes in time for the next boating season.

Keep on Boating!

Give us a call us today for more information at 604-921-7124. We’d be happy to talk with you

~ Howe Sound Marine ~

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